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B-Logique is the newest product range from Philou Skin Rejuvenation Technologies. The range features six products all containing Bee Venom-enriched Manuka Honey, Aloe Vera and Chamomile Essential oils. All the B-logique products have been scientifically formulated instantly smooth, lift and tighten the skin.



The bee venom used in these products is extracted exclusively from the New Zealand Apis Melifera species of honeybee. The venom is extracted using low voltage electrical stimulation. This causes bees to release the Venom without losing their barbed sting. The bees are therefore not killed and remain viable for the course of their natural lifetime.

Two of the key ingredients in the extracted Bee Venom are Phospholipase A2 (10%) and Melittin (50%). Both of these ingredients are powerful mediators that have been scientifically shown to improve skin moisturization by regulating pathways in skin cells involve in skin barrier and skin hydration functions.

By incorporating this newest in dermal technologies, B-Logique offers a powerful anti-ageing skin care solution that – simply…works.



Unlike regular honey, Manuka Honey contains the Unique Manuka Factor, Methylglyoxol. This factor has been clinically shown to have powerful anti-inflammatory, bactericidal, healing and skin moisturisation properties.



Containing 100% pure Roman and German Chamomile Essential Oils that have powerful ant-inflammatory and calming properties to sooth sensitive red skin.


There are currently six products in the B-Logique Bee Venom range.

  • Cleanser Liquid 200ml
  • Cleanser Milk 200ml
  • Exfoliant 50ml
  • Day Moisturiser 50ml
  • Mask Cream 50g
  • Serum Enhancer 15 and 30ml


They can be used together as a complete 1-step skin care kit. Alternatively they can be used individually in combination with your other Philou skin care products as a customized regime to suit you.

Use daily or as an intensive treatment once or twice a week to see immediate results. Moisturize, plump and tighten the skin without surgical intervention by using the cells own natural physiology.

You will become addicted!